Sunday, November 3, 2013

5 Reasons Everyone Should Use Internet Marketing To Build Wealth

Everyone wants to get to the point when they can really enjoy what life has to offer, and unfortunately that cannot happen when your mind is caught up in working more than 2000 hours per year. In fact many that reach 65 years of age have several disturbing common symptoms that will make you say ahhhh! For example do you know someone that is in their senior years who has one of the following situations?1. Require a second job to keep up with the financial demands of owning their own home2. Require a second mortgage to replace a roof on their home3. Apply for assistance to manage the increased cost of medication4. Delay retirement for additional years and later to be dismissed before the scheduled date5. Completely financially devastated because of a medical condition that puts them below the poverty rangeIf you know anyone like this you will be excited to know that no one plans for a retirement like that. What you have just read is a result of living the life that most of us were told would grant us great success during our senior years. Sadly enough the "work hard, get a good job, get good grades, etc." is the scenario that most of the people that retire broke have done.I believe that everyone deserves to know how to retire early, and live their life on purpose and it is evident to me that this cannot happen without the right vehicle, leverage, and the autopilot marketing. My beliefs may seem too easy, out of the box, but read further and find out the results I have experienced with my family at age 42 that anyone can experience.I just started officially dabbling in internet marketing as of January 2007 and found that I could earn more in internet marketing in one month than most of the world makes in a year! I have also found that just as that is true that I could make more in a day than many make in a year, month, etc. and as a result my family is so tremendously blessed financially to the point that I am now working for a foundation of wealth for my future grand children.I am fortunate because as a result of internet marketing NO one in my house hold works. In fact my 18 year old son Dwayne Jr. recently moved to Miami, Florida where his apartment overlooks the bay and is minutes from the beach! He is now living better most two parent income families because of internet marketing. Dwayne Jr. is making tens of thousands a month with internet marketing. Lazst month my son Dwayne Jr. reached $28,000 during the month of August and is now on pace to surpass $30,000. My son 16 year old son Daniel has mastered things like You Tube and My Space marketing, internet graphic design, etc with great success as well. David is now producing Myspace marketing campaigns for business owners and that is just the beginning.Since March of 2007 I have been training people around the country to do internet marketing so they too can build wealth and it is something that anyone can do if you are trained and given the correct tools to take you over the top.Some of the internet marketing that I do to build wealth includes but is not limited to the following:1. Affiliate marketing2. Ad Copy/Web Copy3. Traffic Generation4. AdWords5. Website development6. Article writing for success7. Autoresponders8. PLR Fortunes9. Capture Pages10. Lead Generations, and much moreInternet marketing is different from your typical 4 year college program that may position you for making 30 - 60k/year when completed. No it is not like that at all! With internet marketing you can position yourself after attending 1-3 day training to making more in a month that your friends, neighbors make in a year.To learn more about how you to can experience similar or even greater results than me, just follow the steps I give you below.1. Make the commitment now to stop all time wasting activities that are keeping you from your fortunes2. Get to a training as soon as possible to position your family for financial freedom3. Get starting with internet marketing as soon as you are done with this articlea. If you don't know where to start, contact someone that is already successful in itb. Don't be fooled by your friends and family that are technical (internet marketing is a different world)4. Set out just 30 minutes - 1 hour/day making the right steps5. Use the internet marketing wealth formula and don't deviate!6. If married or have childrena. Include your spouse and childrenb. Become a sponge when you have the opportunity to learn more7. Set a specific financial goal prior to the start of each month and review at the end of the month to determine what changes if any to make8. Be one of the people selected for FREE admission to attend my $3,500 internet marketing training that is attended by people all over the countrya.Contact my office and request the free internet marketing formulab.Send me an email informing me of some of the steps you have taken to internet marketing that I have laid out above9. Email my office and request the free audio training on affiliate marketing to get you started to make money right now10. Never turn around in your decisions made regarding internet marketing and you will retire with in 12 months from ever working for another soul again